Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development


  • Discover your own family genealogy
  • Expand your cultural knowledge
  • Explore different cultures and ways of thinking
  • Solve real problems in your community
  • Discover the possibilities of democratic citizenship
  • Plan and conduct a project that will create, change, or improve something valuable to people

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Seeing i2i - Adventures in Diveristy and Cultural Awareness
  • Family Celebration from Around the World

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Seeing i2i -Leader's Guide

Citizenship References and Forms:

  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Citizenship


  • Learn about entrepreneurs
  • Take Entrepreneur Skills Assessment
  • Investigate the risks
  • Learn about the importance of reputation
  • Sell your product or idea
  • Learn about a business plan
  • Develop a concept
  • Find resources
  • Learn about business start up
  • Working knowledge of entrepreneurship
  • Understand financials and feasibility
  • Understand marketing principles, including global markets
  • Understand what it takes to be in business

Printed Youth Materials:

  • ESI: Discover the E-Scene - Unit 1
  • ESI: The Case of ME - Unit 2
  • ESI: Your Business Inspection - Unit 3
  • ESI: Camp Guide with Clifton Youth Strengths Explorer
  • Blueprint Curriculum - Youth

Printed Leader Materials:

  • ESI: Leader's Guide
  • Blueprint Curriculum - Instructor

Entrepreneurship References and Forms:

  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Entrepreneurship


  • Expand your leadership abilities
  • Practice leading younger people
  • Find out how to give other people the help they need
  • Learn how to communicate clearly Build relationships Manage a conflict
  • Learn the importance of understanding yourself as a leader Practice teamwork Keep a journal of leadership activities
  • Focus on real-life leadership activities Develop a portfolio of leadership experiences Assume greater responsibilities through youth-directed activities

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Build Your Future: Youth Notebook
  • Leadership 1: My Leadership Workbook
  • Leadership 2: My Leadership Journal
  • Leadership 3: My Leadership Portfolio
  • Junior Leader Project Record Form

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Build Your Future: Facilitator Guide
  • Leadership Mentor Guide 1
  • Leadership Mentor Guide 2

Leadership References and Forms: