Environmental Education and Earth Science


Environment 1
  • Learn the four elements of life
  • Build your own ecosystem
  • Construct a food web
  • Compost to reduce waste
  • Learn about habits
Environment 2
  • Describe the soil profile
  • Identify the basic parts of a flower
  • Explore life cycle of a product or food
  • Identify common animal tracks
  • Identify common animal tracks
Environment 3
  • Describe the six major biomes of the world
  • Make and use equipment for assessing water quality
  • State causes and consequences of soil erosion
  • Explore how your transportation choice have impact
  • Compare biodiversity of two sites
4-H Geology
Outdoor Skills
Outdoor 1: Hiking Trails
Outdoor 2: Camping Adventures
Outdoor 3: Backpacking Expeditions

Printed Youth Materials:

  • 4-H Geology: Study of the Earth
  • Outdoor 1 - Hiking Trails
  • Outdoor 2 - Camping Adventures
  • Outdoor 3 - Backpacking Expeditions

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Outdoor - Helper's Guide

Conservation References and Forms:

  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Conservation, Wildlife & Shooting Sports


  • Learn the difference between and insect and a bug
  • Identify insect parts and know why each is important
  • Find and examine bugs and insects in the field
  • Design your own insect or create a home for an insect
Entomology 1
  • Make an insect collection
  • Learn where to look for insects
  • Learn how to identify and classify insects
Entomology 2
  • Complete an insect collection table
  • Plan an insect collection trip
  • Raise meal worms
  • Explore insect legs and collect insects with an extractor
Entomology 3
  • Test ant food preferences
  • Conduct honey bee learning experiments
  • Record insect observations
  • Identify insect mouth types

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Insectigator
  • Teaming with Insects: Level 1
  • Teaming with Insects: Level 2
  • Teaming with Insects: Level 3
  • Entomology

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Teaming with Insects: Facilitator's Guide

Entomology References and Forms:

  • Contest Information and Rules
  • Contest Speciman List to Study
  • Contest Key for Answer Sheets
  • Contest Participant Answer Sheet
  • Order Labels - Current Insect Classification System
  • Insect Specimen Labels for Entomology Collections
  • Sources of Entomology Equipment and Supplies
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Insect Identification Contest
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Entomology


Tree Identification
  • Learn to use a dichotomous key to classify trees
  • Identify common Nebraska trees

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Tree Identification Manual
  • Leafing Out

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Explore Your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide

Forestry References and Forms:

  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Tree Identification Contest
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Forestry

Shooting Sports

22 Rifle
Air Pistol
Air Rifle
BB Gun
Hunting Skills
Smallbore Pistol

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Shooting Sports Record Book

Printed Leader Materials:

  • A 4-H Shooting Sports Leader Guide is available to leaders who attend certification seminars

Shooting Sports References and Forms:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • National 4-H Shooting Sports
  • National Rifle Association
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • National Shooting Sports Foundation
  • Nebraska Games & Parks Commission
  • Pheasants Forever
  • University of Wyoming 4-H Natural Resource Program
  • Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Programs
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Conservation, Wildlife & Shooting Sports


  • Identify native amphibians
  • Conduct field research
  • Learn about ecosystems
Bird Behavior
  • Learn about different types of bird behavior
  • Start a lifetime bird list
  • Find out how to attract birds to backyards
Fishing For Adventure 1
  • Develop angling skills
  • Create fishing tackle
  • Learn how to be a good steward of aquatic resources
Fishing For Adventure 2
  • Practice different types of casting
  • Learn the different characteristics of fish
  • Recognize the importance of water quality for fish habitats
  • Prepare a fish meal
Fishing For Adventure 3
  • Build a fishing reel
  • Make artificial flies and lures
  • Modify fishing equipment
  • Collect and identify aquatic insects
Wildlife Conservation 1
  • Learn about the history of wildlife conservation
  • Explore the values of wildlife to humans
  • Learn wildlife management terms
Wildlife Conservation 2
  • Learn about wildlife habitats
  • Make a nature diorama
  • Explore wildlife communities and ecosystems
Wildlife Conservation 3
  • Learn about the interface between people and wildlife
  • Explore why and how we mange wildlife
  • Learn about threatened and endangered species
Wildlife Habitat Evaluation

Printed Youth Materials:

  • Bird Behavior
  • Fishing 1: Take the Bait
  • Wildlife Conservation 1: The Worth of Wild Roots
  • Wildlife Conservation 2: Living Wild in an Ecosystem
  • Wildlife Conservation 3: Living in a World with You and Me
  • Amphibians and You
  • Fishing 2: Reel In the Fun
  • Fishing 3: Cast Into the Future

Printed Leader Materials:

  • Fishing for Adventure Helper's Guide
  • Amphibians and You: Leader's Guide

Wildlife References and Forms:

  • Bird Education & Awareness
  • Blue Birds Across Nebraska Online Resources
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Premier Science Award
  • State Fair 4-H Fairbook: Conservation, Wildlife & Shooting Sports