Listed as: How it is listed in the 4H enrollment website.
Knowledge Levels
  • Beginner (A)
  • Intermediate (B)
  • Advanced (C)
Geo Scope
  • County Eligible
  • State Eligible
  • Learn and practice important life skills, such as decision making, record keeping, marketable skills, planning and organizing, and self responsibility
  • Demonstrate good care taking of the animals, land, and other resources involved
  • Help to spread knowledge about meat goat products and the meat goat industry
  • Learn about breeding meat goats
  • Learn how to care for meat goats
  • Learn to make buying decisions based on performance and visual evaluation
  • Learn about goat parts and breeds
  • Figure the cost to raise goats
  • Find out how to care for goats
Resources:  Animal Science > Goat