Conservation & Wildlife

EE&ES: Conservation (D) - Outdoor Skills
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  :Conservation & Wildlife

Knowledge Levels
  • Beginner (A)
  • Intermediate (B)
  • Advanced (C)
Geo Scope
  • County Eligible
  • State Eligible
  • Learn the four elements of life
  • Build your own ecosystem
  • Construct a food web
  • Compost to reduce waste
  • Learn about habits
  • Describe the soil profile
  • Identify the basic parts of a flower
  • Explore life cycle of a product or food
  • Identify common animal tracks
  • Identify common animal tracks
  • Describe the six major biomes of the world
  • Make and use equipment for assessing water quality
  • State causes and consequences of soil erosion
  • Explore how your transportation choice have impact
  • Compare biodiversity of two sites
  • Identify native amphibians
  • Conduct field research
  • Learn about ecosystems
  • Learn about different types of bird behavior
  • Start a lifetime bird list
  • Find out how to attract birds to backyards
  • Develop angling skills
  • Create fishing tackle
  • Learn how to be a good steward of aquatic resources
  • Practice different types of casting Learn the different characteristics of fish
  • Recognize the importance of water quality for fish habitats
  • Prepare a fish meal
  • Build a fishing reel
  • Make artificial flies and lures Modify fishing equipment
  • Collect and identify aquatic insects
  • Learn about the history of wildlife conservation
  • Explore the values of wildlife to humans
  • Learn wildlife management terms
  • Learn about wildlife habitats
  • Make a nature diorama
  • Explore wildlife communities and ecosystems
  • Learn about the interface between people and wildlife
  • Explore why and how we mange wildlife
  • Learn about threatened and endangered species
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