Photography Basics

C&EA: Photography (A)- Photography Basics
Listed as: How it is listed in the 4H enrollment website.
Knowledge Levels
  • Beginner (A)
Geo Scope
  • County Eligible
  • Get to know your camera
  • Practice keeping camera steady and level
  • Practice taking photos, noticing natural light
  • Notice shadows and their potential in photography
  • Practice using natural light from several different directions
  • Practice using flash for fill, solving red-eye problems
  • Evaluate background, middle-ground, and foreground when taking photos
  • Practice filling the frame with the subject
  • Practice eliminating background clutter in photos
  • Practice using different viewpoints and perspectives in photos
  • Compose creative, unusual photos
  • Compose variety of selfies
  • Take photos of people, places, and things
  • Sequence photos to tell a story
  • Create black and white photos
  • Evaluate photos using critical thinking
Resources:  Communications and Expressive Arts > Photography