Human Development

Listed as: How it is listed in the 4H enrollment website.
  C&FS:Human Development
Knowledge Levels
  • Beginner (A)
  • Intermediate (B)
  • Advanced (C)
Geo Scope
  • County Eligible
  • State Eligible
  • Learn skills and techniques of child care
  • Find out how to be a caring sitter
  • Learn to provide a safe environment for children
  • Explore how people grow and develop
  • Inspect toddler’s toys, minimize hazards
  • Learn about roles in life, handling emotions
  • Learn about self care, rules, responsibility and safety
  • Introduction to babysitting
  • Gain awareness of common dangers in the world
  • Explore child development careers
  • Gain experience as a teacher or coach
  • Participate in a community service project
Resources:  Consumer and Family Sciences > Human Development