EE&ES: Entomology (D) - Insectigator
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Knowledge Levels
  • Beginner (A)
  • Intermediate (B)
  • Advanced (C)
Geo Scope
  • County Eligible
  • State Eligible
  • Learn the difference between and insect and a bug
  • Identify insect parts and know why each is important
  • Find and examine bugs and insects in the field
  • Design your own insect or create a home for an insect
  • Make an insect collection
  • Learn where to look for insects
  • Learn how to identify and classify insects
  • Complete an insect collection table
  • Plan an insect collection trip
  • Raise meal worms
  • Explore insect legs and collect insects with an extractor
  • Test ant food preferences
  • Conduct honey bee learning experiments
  • Record insect observations
  • Identify insect mouth types
Resources:  Natural Resources and Environmental Education > Entomology